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A hot donut occurs when you engage in anal sex with a person who has herpes.
Guy 1: Yo man, I need help! I banged this chick in the ass last weekend, and now I have a dick zit! It burns when I pee! What do I do?!

Guy 2: Uh oh. I'm sorry, man, but it sounds like you've ordered up a hot donut. You'd better call for a Valtrex prescription from Dr. Poindexter.

Guy 1: OH NO, DUDE!!!
by BigDeff June 22, 2012
Something or someone that is cool or desirable. Similar to the phrase "that's cool isn't it?"
Damn, check out that porsche.. it's hot donut!
by Frank a tank September 28, 2011
Stamping somone's forehead with your butthole; prefereably after taking a dump.
Jesus gave Wynonna a whopping Hot Donut after he took a shit last night
by chundley May 29, 2009
The act of coming on some bitch's chocolate starfish.
Yo nigz, my girl kept whining about no dinner in the bowl so I slapped her a hot donut.
by Hotty D January 22, 2004
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