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The most beautiful I've ever seen in my entire fuckin' life!
It's totally the kind of girl you fall in love with in a sec'
Charles : Goddam, I met a Hortense yesterday and I think I'm already fallin' for her
by Nutcracker212 October 20, 2010
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A girls who's pretty and supersmart, and reaaaally funny, and with which you're sure to always have a great time no matter what!
Person 1: Oh I ran into Hortense the other day
Person 2: Wait, is that this really cool and funny chick that you went to high school with?

Person 1: Yeah, that's her!
by CookieDough May 23, 2013
A Fat ugly bitch that lives in france
Man Im so glad that french slut doesnt live in our country anymore.

I know, Hortense was so anoyying.
by Sogladshesgone November 11, 2010
18th century Negroid-Dutch Ghetto slang for a fat fat whore.
That hortense emailed me!

Randy's dick smelled of cheeseburger after that hortense had her fill.
by Chester Choda March 27, 2003

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