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Hoovy is a slang word for the character Heavy in the Team fortress series. It is commonly used to describe a new heavy, or a player who is a fan of My Little Pony, and is currently playing as the Heavy. It is also sometimes used in competitive, where a Heavy who isn't very good, or isn't a threat. It can also mean a Heavy who isn't shooting.
That Hoovy doesn't know how to play, Hoovy on left flank.
by Henkedew March 27, 2013
A F2P heavy in the game Team Fortress 2.

Usually characterized by his wearing of a gibus, and pyrovision goggles, which signifies him at the bottom of the TF2 food chain.
Engineer: "Go hoovy, go!"
Hoovy: *Runs at enemy pyro with fists.
~~~~~Burns to death.
Engineer: :"fak"
by bignatebig November 25, 2013