-a pair of owls.
-a restuarant chain the encourages objectification of women
-a great place for the dumb blonde with great knockers to get employed.
-a pacifier for a set of twin babies or adults.
sally's hooters were ready to bust our of her blouse.
by brendy January 12, 2005
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what you have to look at when a girl is talking to you
Hooters hooters yum yum yum,
Hooters hooters on a girl that's dumb.
by The Dude April 28, 2003
Hooters - boobs and also a restaurant chain.
Hooters - because steak tastes better with a hardon.
by Arbalest June 22, 2004
Main eating establishment for men whose girlfriends have small breasts.
"Hooters makes me happy! Wish my damn wife had some tits."
by KingdomCum January 23, 2003
by Wjio August 05, 2003
Rather than give a REAL definiton, I've decided to go thesaurus on your asses:

Bosoms, Breasts, Bloomings, Crease Creatures, Deltoid Drawers, Fatsacks, Baby Fodder, Bust, Mamories (or Mammilla), tits, teats, udders, Monkey Lumps, Scapula Scones, Milkmeat, Globes, Tits, Infant Eateries, the Latter Lickable Ladyparts, Tatas, Dodongoes, Pearls, Thoraxes, Clavicle Clumps, Objects-of-my-desire, Suckling Stops, Endowment, Lactators, East and West Cleavage, Cones, Torpedoes, Eye Magnets, Chest Bulges, Flesh Convexities, the Weasels of the Chest, Where boys fear to tread, Porcelain Hills (the former adjective exchangeable with "ebony" or "golden"), Whack-Material, What Good dreams are Made of, the Ass-of-the-chest, Mounds, Grapefruit (or Oranges, Melons, and, in rare (and creepy) cases, grapes. The elderly are prone to "prunes"), Effeminite Masses, Knockers, Kitty Substitutes, Not-so-grassy Knolls, Jigglies, Hillocks, Gibbosities, Conjoined Humpbacks, Stacks, Bouncers, or Breasticles.
Man, I'd really like to dip my wick between that girl's hooters.
by Susurrus June 27, 2005
melons, juggs, balloons, implants, honkers, XL breasts
O sweet mama! she got hooters. can u say sucky sucky baby.
by Iron Pimp December 10, 2003
a woman's breasts(jocular)
Her hooters were almost perfectly sized.
by Light Joker March 02, 2005

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