-a pair of owls.
-a restuarant chain the encourages objectification of women
-a great place for the dumb blonde with great knockers to get employed.
-a pacifier for a set of twin babies or adults.
sally's hooters were ready to bust our of her blouse.
by brendy January 12, 2005
tits (aka breasts, fun things on female to caress)
She has amazing tits.
by G. [rimshot] July 17, 2003
1. A term used to describe marijuana cigarettes, mainly of the large variety.

2. One breast, usually of a pair.
1. You fuckers fired that hooter up without me did'nt you?

2. My friend Josh, in San Diego, has never touched a single hooter.
by THC P!MP April 27, 2004
1. A large marijuana cigarette. A fat joint.
2. Rural name for an outhouse, or a portable temporary toilet such as those found on construction sites, campgrounds, etc.
1. Hey dude! Dont smoke all of that hooter, I want to get stoned too!
2. Only thing I hate about going camping is that they never clean those nasty filthy hooters out but once a week!
by Keith1978 February 08, 2006
Breasticles, taa taa's, boobs, mans toys
Damn you see them girls hooters??
by Shane September 28, 2004
Tits. Breasts. Torpedoes. Melons. What more needs to be said? Also a rather popular restaurant chain which employs young women with the appropriate physical characteristics to fit the name.
The marketing geniuses who built the Hooters adjacent to the college campus property weren't stupid.

They serve food there?? Who knew?
by Bob_Lenz July 10, 2008
jumblies, sweater monkeys
girl, you know it's true
by spanky July 16, 2003

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