Everybody knows nobody goes to Hooters for the wings!!!!
John went to hooters for the wings because he likes the breasts
by sqwauklikeachicken March 07, 2005
A group of owles. Owles tend to live in a pack.
Those hooters need to shut the fuck up before I kill the stanky bastards.
by Johnston Reese June 28, 2005
in britan it means nose...
<britian> look at the size of that hooter

<american> noooooooo...her tits are tiny
Breasts, boobies, ta-tas, Gazongas
Nice Hooters!
by Bunny November 16, 2002
(rural America) A marijuana cigarette.
Hay Jethro, win yoo gun far up wunna them hooters?
by Count Chocula February 28, 2003
breasticles boobs tits
my girlfriends hooters are huge
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
breast, tits, wheels ect.
look at her hooters!
by Deep blue 2012 August 06, 2009

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