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What the catepillar was smoking out of in "Alice in Wonderland"
Tell 'em all a hookah smoking catepillar has given you the call
by anonymous November 18, 2003
A multi-stemmed device designed for smoking hashish that originates in Turkey.
Throw another square on the hookah, man.
by kreecher August 16, 2003
a middle eastern water pipe. smoked with ONLY shisha (flavoured tobacco with molasses) NEVER used for marijuana. some pipes are made especially for hash and opiates, though.
'I was thinking about having a party this weekend. Bring your hookah, i got some dank fucking weed!

'Ill bring the hookah, but no ganja is touching my pipe. I dont care how heddy your nuggetts are!'
by Renass November 21, 2005
A type of pipe used by pussies who are too chicken shit to admit to smoking but still want the buzz and the experience. The gayest way you can smoke is with a hookah. Stick to cigars, blunts, bowls, cigarettes. Hookahs are faggy.
1: Hey that guy is smoking a hookah.

2: That is strange because he claims not to smoke.

1: He is probably just one of those people who thinks it isn't smoking to smoke hookah.

2: What a fag.
by fuckhookah August 18, 2009
The lazy or slang way of saying "hooker"
Hey did ya see dat hookah down de skreet?
by darlingkay March 29, 2009
An instrument used to smoke substances such as tobacco or other substances that are usually illegal. The substance is vaporized and then passed through a water chamber that cools the smoke. When inhaled, the hookah makes a bubbling noise. It's stupid as fuck. If you smoke from a hookah you should be ashamed. Losers. Go do something with your lives.
Guy1: Hey do you see those people smoking out of that thing over there?

Guy2: Yeah, its called a hookah, its just about as retarded as they are...what losers.
by MartiniBlue December 05, 2008
Tobacco that can be smoked in different king's of flavors, usually smoked at a hookah bar..where they bring it in, in a huge tank..but dont go to hookah bar..its a lot of money to get in..haha
Hookah can be fun, if you wanna smoke strawberrie flavors
by Dunnowatimtalkingabout March 27, 2005
Nickname for the Ohio hippie band Ekoostik Hookah. Fans often shout: HOOOO-KAAAH. Band who biannually holds Hookahville festivals, where a bunch of hippies young and old, shady people dressed like hippies, and preppy college kids dressed like hippies party for 2 days with only a couple second-rate other acts (except keller and bela fleck). Band whose strong roots are in Ohio, but who tried to make it nationally and did not succeed. Also played frequently on Sirius' Jam-On. Not to be confused with a smoking contraption, because it totally doesn't relate.
I was tripping balls at Hookah.

Fans 1, 2, and 3: HOOOOOO-KAAAAAH!
by Friend-of-a-friend December 22, 2006

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