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1.) A small particle or pice of matter.
2.) Surname of a great family.
1.) Ive got a fleck of sawdust in my eye!
2.) The Flecks are wonderful people.
by :D March 29, 2004
small anoying person, who always gets on your nerves and needs to go into a corner and die.
Raphael is suck a fleck!
by That spartan May 16, 2011
a substitute for the word fuck on boards that are moderatedand now used in everyday life.
Originated on the Ebay Australia Powersellers Board by Indicolina
Created by fleckin nowuccas
Get Flecked
Fleck Off
Fleck you
Fleck Me
The Flecker Fairy
by CarlaJ June 20, 2007
Small amounts of fecal matter release from the anus when farting
Man I hit the shower curtain with fleck when I farted in the shower.
by Fleckster January 23, 2009
To throw/distroy an object in anger and or frustration.
Rob got so pissed when the ratchet broke, he flecked it into the road.
by Endoverend47 November 29, 2011
The name of an acquaintance, who happens to be a bum, who happened to have caught on fire.
Fleck was burned beyond recognition, but we're still friends.
by melned April 12, 2005
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