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Ekoostik Hookah is the most original highly organized band out there today. They started playing together in Columbus, Ohio bars in the early 1990s. The members of the band have changed periodically throughout the years, however their amazing ability and extremely faithful fan base has withstood the test of time. The current members of the band are: dave katz (lead singer/keyboardist), Steve Sweney (lead guitar), John Mullins (rythym guitar, vocals) Eric Lanese (drums), and their newest edition and replacement for their original bassist Cliff Starbuck, Phil Risko (originally from the band GreenLeif). This band is absolutely amazing. They have played in 30 statea (including Alaska and Hawaii) as well as other countries (they played their 1st international show in Negril Jamaica in 1999). And along with them every step of the way is their extremely loyal and enthusiastic fans. I whole-heartedly disagree with the other definition on here of this band, because it was definitely written by someone who doesn't know the band. I love Ekoostik Hookah and they will always be in my heart and in my CD player, Ipod or any other form of media player
Ekoostik Hookah is the best band in the entire world!
by hookahhead8 February 09, 2010