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girlfriend. derived from the urban word hoochie.

Also used by Kramer as a one line gag on the hit show Seinfeld.
Q: What you doin this weekend, bro?

A: Just hangin wid muh hoochiemama an gettin slippery.
by TheBoutros July 20, 2004
12 26
A woman of african american descent with a particular element of soul. Generally of fuller figure, uses terms like "aw hell no", "i'm talkin' downtown", commonly accompanied by a soulful side-to-side movement of the head and the shaking of the finger.
"Damn, girl, you is such a hoochie-mama" "Mmm-hmm I know that's right" "Dag yo"
by Eraisu May 01, 2008
68 84
A hoochie mama is a girl dresses all ghetto and she wears short skirts with a long sleeve sweater and beat up rebooks and everything is all neon color. Her breath always stinks and she has these big ass hoop earrings with her slut name in it like sweet caramel and she licks her lips all the time cause she cant afford chapstick cause all she makes is 15 cents a day sucking dick on the corner and her pimp takes 10 cents so all she has is 5 cents.
"Omg, shanaynay! Did you see that hoochie mama?"

"Yeah, she walkin' through here stinkin up the whole damn place!"

by BabyqotBackk July 12, 2009
73 118
hoochie mama is a lady/girl who is really hot...she got everythin and she gets anythin she wants. she's not necessarily a slut, she just flirts around and teases and dresses provactively.
she aint nothin but a hoochie mama!!
by kyla September 20, 2004
205 353
big booty hoes who show off their bodies................like me
you ain't nothing but a hoochie mama!!!
by monkeypoo October 13, 2003
105 268
A beautiful female, who knows how to work it. A female who knows how to attract almost every-single man- with out any problems what-so-ever. Other females are jealous of Hoochie Mama's because they arent as fine as her- and they hate the fact that the Hoochie always be getting compliments and "offers" from their men. The best Hoochie Mama has Long dark brown hair, light brown eyes, thick thighs- big lips, and a nice ass. and VERY seductive! aka - me!
Damn! Nicole is such a Hoochie Mama, why can't she just leave my man alone?
by Nicole MLM December 11, 2005
113 306
a black hooker. i dont know much about these....
-dude, don't go to that Hoochie Mama! She's a rip off! Dude!
by T. Lex February 16, 2005
67 270