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the grim and frostbitten doings of the necroyeti as he bloodlustfully praises satans unholy allmightyness in the woods at midnight.
the necroyetti necrobated on the norweigen mountain of yesiadhusduef.
by Kyla April 01, 2005
sexual intercourse where one of the individuals complelty fucks the others world up..meaning..pounding as hard as possible..making 0ne want to almost cry..
1. Man,last nightwas totally maximation to the devistation
by Kyla January 31, 2004
1.meaning threesome, usually only referring to 2 males and 1 female.2. this word can also be used as a name for someone that is very fuckable.
1.OMG CHRIS..last night me devin and kayla pulled a bustaqua.
2.Yo,what up bustaqua
by Kyla January 31, 2004
a place of pure touchure and choas they arent afraid to snap a rubber band across ur ass for buying gay music....hot topic is also known as posers'R'us..the only thing cool about hot topic is the ppl that work there who arent afriad to kick ur ass for saying good charlotte is punk..and also they carry some good-ish music..and band shirts are cool too..but as for the carebears and the matching "goth/punk" outfits fuck off and find some real clothes wannabes...
Poser:like omg racheal see my simple plan button i got from hot topic im like so punk rock now..

acceptable person: even though it came from hot topic my ramones shirt is cool.
by Kyla March 15, 2004
short for my african american brother or african american friend.
What's up homy'g'dawg!
Sup my homy'g'dawg!
by Kyla December 14, 2003
hoochie mama is a lady/girl who is really hot...she got everythin and she gets anythin she wants. she's not necessarily a slut, she just flirts around and teases and dresses provactively.
she aint nothin but a hoochie mama!!
by kyla September 20, 2004
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