The act of a high school male going up to another high school male and grabbing their nuts as hard as they can and yelling "honku!" Very painful on the recieving end.
All those faggot cowboys ever do is fuck sheep and have honku wars.
by Odin July 11, 2003
Top Definition
A term generally used at the end of a sentence to express disgust and with the person the sentence is directed towards.
Eat this, honkus!
Get bent, honkus!
What the hell are you doing in here, honkus!
by Johnny Loftus October 02, 2006
A person's honkus is his/her rear end
I went roller skating and fell right on my honkus
by Delmar Stepteau August 21, 2003
A "honku" is a haiku poem about cars and traffic. Anything that drives you crazy while in or around cars, traffic, and the American motoring experience is fodder for a honku.
When the light turns green
like a leaf on a spring wind
the horn blows quickly
by Dave August 13, 2003
A small reptillian mammal that flourishes in the dark places of the human anus
man I got Honkus's in my ass
by Honkus January 21, 2003
A fictional deity used in place of Jesus, popularized by the bumper sticker slogan "Jeez If You Love Honkus" (a parody of "Honk If You Love Jesus").
Jeez If You Love Honkus
Honkus Is My Co-Pilot
by Godzillatemple May 03, 2007
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