When you do everything on one date.
You go to first, second, third and 4th base.
I hit a home run with her.
by Gujuunit February 21, 2005
Top Definition
To accelerate through first base (french kissing), onto second base ("heavy petting") to third base (oral sex) and finally coming around to home plate (sexual intercourse).
Wow, hit a home run with Sheila tonight, gimme a high five Barry!
by Cayle Funck October 10, 2003
1. To have sex with
2. To hit a baseball or softball over the fence
1. "Me and TJ finally fucked last night when we were chillin at his friends house."
2. What I'ma do this softball season
by amaran January 20, 2004
1. to have/had sex. to get laid
2. a condom
1. Yeah, me and that breezie rounded the bases and I hit a homerun.

2. If you goin' to the club, gotta keep the homerun in ya back pocket.
by brandoneezy March 21, 2005
To engage in the act of sexual intersourse, can follow the other bases but doen't have to
I scored a home run with that bitch
by unknown April 03, 2004
When you skip to the fourth base with someone, or complete all four in quick succession.
How was last night with Linda?
It was great, hit a home run.
by randomnedwards October 18, 2010
To advance to home base (sexual intercourse) on the first date.
1'st Guy: Hey! How was last night with Hayley?!
2'nd Guy: Great!!! I hit a home run!
by Kraken097 February 25, 2012
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