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A game for the Nintendo Entertainment System created by Tengen. The most fun two player game of all time, especially if you want to get hammed.
Simanto: Yo man, I'm bored.
GWAR: Want to play some RBI?
Simanto: Dog, you know how to hit my g-spot
by Lord Gold December 29, 2007
In baseball, R.B.I. is an acronym for "runs batted in". This occurs when a person who is up to bat successfully hits the ball and causes a player who was on one of the bases to score a run. The batter receives however many R.B.I.'s that there were players who scored runs. The batter does not always need to land safe on a base to score an R.B.I., so long as he isn't the cause of the third and final out of the inning.
The batter hit a ball deep into the outfield while there were two people on base, one on second and one on third. Both scored so the batter got 2 R.B.I.'s, but the batter himself got thrown out at third, causing the second out of the inning.
by magus35 August 04, 2007
Randon Boner Incident
Oops I suddenly got a "R.B.I." when I saw that hot chick bend over.
by FeistySpnshFml November 11, 2010
Really Bad Image.

This is what happens after TMI. Additionally, when you see something really horrible.
Tim: I just saw a dude eat a booger.
Tony: RBI, man.
by Evogq August 24, 2010
Rectal Ball Insertion. When a guy manages to get his testicle into a girl's rectum. To this day, there are no reported cases of the RBI.
We were getting bored with our normal routine, so last month I decided to go for RBIs.

It really, really hurt my balls but I got them in there. I'm up to 5 RBIs this season.
by Daz Jenas December 17, 2009
Random Boner Incident.
Andy- "So, I talked to Sadie yesterday in math class."
Brad- "Did she give you a RBI? That girl is smoking hot!"
by HOG2331 September 07, 2010
When your friend is having trouble getting up to and beyond third base with a somebody, but you do or say something so that they end up having intercourse.
Charlie was having trouble getting to home plate with his girlfriend, but I earned an RBI by getting them both drunk and alone at that party where they finally had sex.

Lisa wanted to have sex with Gary but he was clueless, so I set them up and they went all the way, earning me an RBI.

I earned an RBI when that guy came over and asked me if I had a spare condom so he could make love to his lady for the first time.
by klide-ax October 23, 2007
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