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A word that half the bands ever have had in one of their song names
Holiday-Green Day
Holiday in the Sun-Sex Pistols
Holiday-Unwritten Law
by Ka May 01, 2005
A sad excuse to force all of your family members all under one roof. None of these poor miserable bastard like seeing each other but they do it to, "Make mom happy." The grim reality of the holidays is that about two to three times a year, family members go through this sad pathetic song and dance only to go home and talk shit about each other behind their backs. Don't ever think your family is not like that, because they are. If no one ever talks shit about a fellow family member to you, it's because they're all talking shit about you.
Ted: So Bill, what are you doing for the holidays?
Bill: Telling my Dad to go fuck himself
Ted:....well Happy Holidays to you too....
Bill: you can go fuck yourself too
by ImthatAwesome November 25, 2010
time away from work/ school

wonderfulest part of the year.. especially when the holiday is for weeks/months

by lkjjhghj April 28, 2009
the pastafarian holiday of Holiday is celebrate throughout the holiday season. Holiday is celebrate however each Pastafarian chooses.
Don't wish people a merry christmas, because it's not politically correct. Wish them Happy Holidays because that includes all holidays, including the holiday of Holiday.
by Super Swedes December 06, 2010
More than awesome.
Broncx and Mitch Holiday, are more than awesome.
by physch October 21, 2009
an activity that lets your mind wander free, allowing you to have fun without worrying about other worldly things
Mark: Hey, did you go to Cedar Point yesterday?

Bob: Yeah, it was a holiday, I forgot to do my math homework too!
by DMJeff24 April 01, 2007
A glorified day of drinking. Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about! Christmas? Screw it ! Valentines day? Screw it! Everything is the same at the bottom of the bottle and as sure as I am an arse, most of us end up there at the end of these days.
New Years Eve: If you can remember any New Years Eve, what the hell is wrong with you? You need some more booze my friend.
by grimm January 03, 2004