A glorified day of drinking. Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about! Christmas? Screw it ! Valentines day? Screw it! Everything is the same at the bottom of the bottle and as sure as I am an arse, most of us end up there at the end of these days.
New Years Eve: If you can remember any New Years Eve, what the hell is wrong with you? You need some more booze my friend.
by grimm January 03, 2004
The yearly anniversary in which the birth of pagans and athiests is celebrated.
"Today is the anniversary of my athiest friend's birth so, I wished her a "Happy Holiday!"
by T.Ractorhead November 26, 2006
Small faded spots in tattoos, either due to scabs or scar tissue, or lack of ink coverage.
The piece looks good, but there's still a few holidays that need filling in.
by Megan Keith August 31, 2008
A day people should have off of work, regardless of religion or beliefs, yet your asshole, nazi of a boss won't let you because his religion or beliefs don't match the holiday's.
Are you working this holiday? Yeah, even though I'm not supposed to.
by Adrian November 15, 2006
1.) A time to rest and celebrate with family and friends
2.) The only song written by green day that is actually good. (All other green day songs suck)
Hello, we're green day; this songs called "holiday."

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