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John Z Caron/Kootsnarf
"omg what a hoar"
"hay, whats up hoar?"
by Youllneverknowjohn November 23, 2011
a way to say whore but in a kidding sense
Last night you were such a hoar.
by gysasjbxugnyejudfks June 11, 2008
A type of frost; grey-white in appearance, and feathery looking.

Also, can be used to describe anything that looks like this, like hair for example.
I looked outside this morning and the hoar frost was all over the garden.
by eyeheartboobs December 04, 2004
Davey's way of spelling whore.
Adam is a hoar.
by MacTech April 28, 2004
A compliment you say to someone in a zombie hoard, especially if they run down kids on skateboards.
"You mowed down that skater kid. You're so hoar."



by moviepyro512 September 27, 2009
Acronym: Hire for Oral, Anal, and Rough
The Hoar was expensive, but she managed to wear even me out.
by Who I am October 07, 2007

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