area in suburban maryland with ecstasy, drag races, and white people. very rich. very boring.
the MOCO vs. HOCO debate on diversity, coolness, etc is irrelevant because they're both next to PG county, superior in both aspects.
i got some E from hoco and all the guys there had honda civics and all the girls had tans.
by Webster's November 05, 2004
The place where people from MoColook for retirement housing.
I cant wait to enjoy the quiet nothingness of HoCo on my new farm. MoCo is way too expensive, popular and successful for me. Besides I could buy up at least 2/5 of the planned developments in Hoco for the amount of my salary as a street cleaner here in MoCo. Word
by HoCo Kid December 15, 2003
howard county, md, where not much happens
we are told it is the richest county in md
the people on the school board are stupid, and i can't think of a better insult because i live in hoco
the people here are mostly stupid too
it's killing diversity
the ones with some sense want to get out of here
hoco is a nothingness
i hate hoco
by sigh September 16, 2004
Like MoCo, but not as cool as MoCo. They all wanna be like MoCo, but they can't quite pull off the coolness
HoCo Person-damn i wish I lived in MoCo
MoCo Person- duh, MoCo rocks
by Liz January 09, 2005

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