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Derogatory term for a man with a huge penis; an abbreviation for "Horse Cock".
1. I heard that that guy is a Hoco, and he almost split the last girl that dated him.
2. She loves him because he's a Hoco.
3. She found out that he was a Hoco, and now they're engaged....
by AeroensicVII September 05, 2010
The epitome of the American dream where all the kids have sports scholarships and the high school quarterback dates the cheerleader and everyone wears Hollister and look like the cover of a J.Crew catalog. Also a part of the epitome of reckless pomposity that is the abbreviation of a county (i.e HoCo, MoCo, Balco). What kind of vapid life requires you stress your level of toolbag by abbreviating your county?
Toolbag 1- HoCo is superior to Moco and BalCo.
Toolbag 2- My Dad can beat up your Dad and MoCo is so much cooler
by Calvert Man(NOT CalCo)tools December 27, 2008
A shitty ass place to live with stuck up people with nasty attitudes pg county is way better moco is even better to hoco just what it say hos just go to whiskey bottom any night.....
I fucked this hoco ho B.G. last night.
by metheoneuhate2love April 07, 2009
Houston County High School in Warner Robins, GA
Houston is pronounced House-ton, not Huze-ton
Jane: Where do you go to school?
Dick: HoCo, where the hoes go.
Jane: Atleast you don't go to Warner Robins High or Northside High!
by stinkymcstinkface June 12, 2008
An abbreviation used for the store Hollister Co.
Kit: Wanna hit up the mall this afternoon?
Brett: Only if we can got to HoCo!
Kit: Obvi!
by Kit B August 21, 2006
Definetely NOT the richest county in Maryland. A breeding ground for hicks and hoes, as well as people who spend their entire lives in the mall, but don't actually buy anything. Who the fuck lives in hoco anyway?
Girl: I'm from HoCo and I ride a dirt bike around my farm all day after I suck my dad's, brother's, cousin's, AND mother's dicks
Girl 2: What the fuck is HoCo?
by SBBP May 10, 2006
area in suburban maryland with ecstasy, drag races, and white people. very rich. very boring.
the MOCO vs. HOCO debate on diversity, coolness, etc is irrelevant because they're both next to PG county, superior in both aspects.
i got some E from hoco and all the guys there had honda civics and all the girls had tans.
by Webster's November 05, 2004