Someone or something that acts in a lazy manner, or someone who is whiny and refuses to do anything on his/her own. (Much like the celebrity herself)
The rhino at the zoo was being a Hillary Duff. It just sat there and ate.

Bro, you're acting like a Hillary Duff, just go to bathroom by yourself!
by Population 3,293 March 18, 2011
Hillary duff is the equivalent to saying gay, she has t.v. commercials requesting the public not to use the word gay in place of the word suck. In order to help her cause Hillary duff will now stand for gay which stands for suck.
Bill: my favorite team lost.

Richard: dude that's Hillary duff.

Bill: why are there so many dude's at this party?

Richard: yeah it's hella Duffy in here.
by Urq January 24, 2011
a right slapper with no talent.
"ouegh whats that sound"
*cow moos in the background, horse taking a shit, splattering everywhere
"sounds like Hillary Duff brought out a new song"
by auroraluna September 25, 2007
A big fat dork who dates Joel Madden from Good Charlotte (the most awesome band on earth!!!) and thinks she's now punk. But other than that she really is a dork. She needs to go back to the whole I-can-act thing and make millions of dollars. I can't see why people like her but they do.
Person 1: Hey can i see you cd's?
Person 2: Yeah sure.
Person 1: Oh My f***ing God you have this really crappy Hillary Duff CD? Why in the Hell did you buy this?
Person 2: i didn't buy that my sister did (Her eyes rolling, bitting her lip)
Person 1: nice Good Charlotte CD though!!!
by Monkeygrl May 10, 2005
a singer who is dating joel madden.
y dss ppl if u cnt beat em?
by natatatatatat July 01, 2005
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