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1. To fail to such a degree that you deserve to be ridiculed.

2. The antonym of the verb "Obama" which means to succeed/win or to completely obliterate.
"Nathalie you hillary-ied so badly on that math test."

"Shut up before I obama your face."
by FORTRAN July 10, 2008
148 122
Stupid girl that believes that urban dictionary has real definitions
Wow Hillary this is really amazing
194 167
An inhumane looking creature that tends to stay in dark places and avoids all of humanity by locking itself in a room away from everyone. Does not cleanse itself very often because its agoraphobia issues. Sometimes, a hillary will talk in it's own language which consists of intense muttering, snarling, strange movements of the toungue and mouth. People rarely come upon such a scary creature
Person1: Dude, I saw this thing in the woods today!
Person2: Whoa neeto! what'd it look like?
Person1: It smelt like fish and had a huge nose
Person2: WHOA MAN, you discovered a Hillary!
by Harolda April 12, 2008
189 165
pulling a "Hillary"....when a woman lets her man, or baby's daddy, do whatever the fuck he wants, specifically when they are married...if not, what the fuck she cares. ie. a weak woman
That lady pulled a Hillary, and now she's screaming at him for it.
by Kizzybb January 10, 2008
154 132
To be pregnant

Deprived from the saying 'up the duff' Hence Hillary Duff
Oi, Did ya hear janice is Hillary?
by Gimpy21 April 08, 2008
115 96
a beautiful grl that is very attractive to all boys, grls hate on her. she has the best outfits and she loves to flirt..hates havin a boyfriend because she cant keep up with them..shes a type of grl that loves PURPLE..cant help but 2 luv herslef no matter wat mistakes she make..she has a bestfriend that she always with threw her ups and downs...thats wat u call a HILLARY..DUHH
grl: hillary thinx shes all that

guy: she is very beatiful i lyke her

grl: why wat do u see in her??

dude: i mean wat more can a guy say she a HILLARY..
by hillarysrockhard September 04, 2008
336 321
An all around bad person
You know that Hillary Clinton Person? She's such a Hillary! I can't believe it, she's such a biznatch!
by kondizzle February 23, 2008
232 217