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N. A common name for a girl.
Hillary is the coolest girl I've ever met!
by hillz g June 08, 2005
A simple girl who just wants to enjoy life. She's usually a sweet girl but at times just one of the guys. She loves to cuddle and just hang out. Fun to be with and will make you smile.
Hillary is the definition of the perfect girl.
by 123anonymous321 January 06, 2014
Hillary is a girl who is extremely kind and loving. A great friend. She is easily persuaded by others but feels strongly independent and knows what she wants in relationships. She falls very hard for men and loves relationships. She loves to be loved. She will always be there for you if you're there for her; she expects the same in return. And if she doesn't get it, don't expect her to be there for you. Hillary is beautiful inside and out and will make you laugh no matter what. She is nothing but a catch and needs a man with the right kind of glove.
Hillary is my best friend
by dontfuckwiddis January 21, 2012
A Hillary is the greatest woman you've ever met. She has the magical ability of fulfilling all of your desires, even those you didn't know you had! She is smart and sensitive and caring, yet badass at the same time. Once you've met a Hillary, no other woman will ever seem the same.
I thought I had experienced all kinds of women, and then I met Hillary and knew there was a whole new horizon yet to be discovered.
by onemileofsky May 13, 2011
The most perfect girl anyone can ask for. She has great beauty and is also very smart. She was made for one guy and once she finds him she will be happy forever.
William and Hillary lived happily ever after.
by mrsnuffles September 15, 2010
any girl of normal size, weight, and height, with exceptionally large breasts. I mean, it looks like she stole those things from Dolly Parton, for God's sakes. Don't get me wrong, she's hot... but how can she possibly hold those things up?! She's so skinny!!!
Dude 1: Dude, check out the knockers on that chick!
Dude 2: Omg! She's such a Hillary!
by ka-bam April 22, 2010
ethans best friend, red headed girl
she is such a hillary
by wipe June 06, 2005