The high five is a celebratory hand gesture that can occur anywhere between head-level to waist-level, anything lower is a low-five. If a high-five were to fail then the person whose name comes first alphabetically wins the battle.
Jennifer: High Five!
Kenny: -fails at high five but blames Jennifer-
Jennifer: No, you lose because my name comes first.
Kenny: Oh. :(
by KatherineIsWrong November 12, 2012
While giving anal sex to a female the male slaps his hand on her ass so hard that it leaves a bright red hand print. She then has a mark of her new owner.
Hey what'd you do last night?

I High-Five 'd a chick bro

Wow was she hott?

Yeah now that i own her i'll make loads of moolah
by Dizzybro October 14, 2008
A female who while only appearing to be a "five" (five out of ten for looks) has other qualities that make up or more than make up for this (e.g. intelligence, wit, fun/warm personality, etc.) and who is therefore worth being with even though not outstandingly attractive to look at.
"When I first met her I thought I wasn't that interested and only rated her as a five, but now I've got to know her, well I'd say she's definitely a "high five"!"
by Prairiefire May 14, 2010
high f.i.v.e. the five is a acronym for Friendly Interlimbal Veryhappy Expression. the word Five has absolutly nothing to due with the number of digits involved. how would amputees partake in this action. they cant. and thats discrimination.
"give me a high five" heath ledger said to johnny, a boy who lost 2 fingers in a farming accident. what a nice guy that heath is for not making fun, eh.
by juggernaut' June 15, 2008
1. a drinking game.

its story goes a lil something like this. when cassie is drunk she says "high five" ALL the time.


*whenever someone says high take 1 shot (or a big gulp).

*whenever someone gives a high five you take 2 shots (or 2 gulps).

Caution: If you are playing this with will be blacked out by the end of the night.
Cassie: HIGH FIVE!!!

Everyone at party: (taking shots)
by A-killz November 09, 2008
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