A real high roller is a ghetto rich blood (gang) drug dealer that has a lot of money from hustling.
Yo check that highroller ova there flippin signs'
by Mike August 28, 2003
One of a group of 4 individuals that are highly skilled in poker and hustle people at the poker table. They always dress nicely at the poker table and have good table etiquette. A high roller is often feared by other poker opponents.
Bob: "I heard the high rollers were playing in this tournament."
Jake: "Yeah, they are the people with ties and triple everyone elses' chipstack."
Bob: "It's ok, we can always play for 5th place."
by The High Roller$ July 15, 2006
those who buy VIP tickets to charity boxing events
"kunjan don't play unless there's bottle service...dude's a high roller like that"
by bennylava March 03, 2009
An individual that spends a large majority of their money on higher quality marijuana, such as dank or chronic.
Mitch: Yo did you hear Craig's bout to buy an lb of some chronic shit.
Danny: Damn dude what a high roller.
by masterchiefer June 23, 2011
When Two dudes go "reverse cowboy" and the fella on top jacks off reverse grip making it look like he's throwing dice.
Bruce loves to throw dice when he gives Barry the High Roller
by HungryBear April 08, 2008
straight up nigga. spend all you cash on cars and women and bling, but ya still be on da streets, ya heard? get some booty now yall. dougthebitch
hey you high roller have you heard bout ma barbeque?
by Nigga wit outta cauz November 20, 2006
A person who is experiencing a high from both marijuana(high) and extacy(roller)
"dude, I have those new malis in a capsule, and and to wash them down i have the dankiest of dank to smoke... we'll be "high rollers" tonight"

^ ^
^ ^
True Story...
by Heilos June 03, 2008

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