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High road refers to a higher moral ground. "Taking the high road" expression refers to one being a "class act" during a very difficult time. Those who take the high road, are demonstrating being honest, fair, and selfless while not being completely defenseless.
He didn't buckle under the constant scrutiny by public. He's taking the high road and will get through it fine.
by tanman1129 September 14, 2009
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road on which olde worlde scottish people tell weird foreigners to go as the way to scotland.
from the classic take the high road.......

'you take the high road and i'll take the low road and i'll be in scotland before ye!'

it has often been thought that when the foreigners travelled upon the road they would be savaged by wild, naked, celtic men with blue paint on them (much like in braveheart) and would be viciously killed.....thus eliminating the foreign people!
weird sarcastic foreigner: yo dude in the tartan....could you tell me where the nearest haggis farm is?????
proud scottish landowner: how dare you! hows about u take the high road!
by mother-earth January 08, 2006
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1.term used by con artist dance teachers, who wear their pants ur really high and dye their hair different colors, to make people think they're sophisticated
2.may be interpretted as a drug
3.opposite of the low road
1.I am so cool, I am taking the high road.
2.Yeah Joanne takes the high road often, I wonder who her dealer is.
3.She can take her high road, I'll stay on the low road.
by B.A.D. March 06, 2004
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