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to be a bitch, but a friend.
jane: omg! i cant believe laura did that to craig!
feefee:ye that was pretty nasty
jane: wat a bitch!
feefee: ye she is a bizziatch but i love her still...
(alround awwwwwww like in a soap opera)
by mother-earth January 10, 2006
road on which olde worlde scottish people tell weird foreigners to go as the way to scotland.
from the classic tune.....you take the high road.......

'you take the high road and i'll take the low road and i'll be in scotland before ye!'

it has often been thought that when the foreigners travelled upon the road they would be savaged by wild, naked, celtic men with blue paint on them (much like in braveheart) and would be viciously killed.....thus eliminating the foreign people!
weird sarcastic foreigner: yo dude in the tartan....could you tell me where the nearest haggis farm is?????
proud scottish landowner: how dare you! hows about u take the high road!
by mother-earth January 08, 2006

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