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Rich guy that has a nice car, nice clothes and buys everything he likes.
Yo that guy with that benz a high roller yeah.
by Dazzle August 05, 2003
one who is often seen gambling for more than 50 dollars per hand or game depending on the situation
damn...that guys a high roller and now i don't have any money am i going to get the brown sugar??
by k-dog February 10, 2004
A person in society that has a better grasp of the world, is a little brighter than the next person and has a pocket full of cash. Women typically love these kinds of men.
It may also be used as a verb as a term for agression.
Look at him pulling up in his BMW, he must be a highroller. I'm gonna give him some head(see head in dictionary).
I'm about to highroll that nigga.
by highroller April 24, 2003
a person entirely too cool for their own good
Man i wish i were that guy, he's such a highroller.
by the jamie/fleiner fan club February 25, 2005
The name for a fan of American Idol Season 5 contestant Ace Young.
I'm a Highroller, so I'm going to leave a bunch of comments on Ace's Myspace while he's still online!
by mariah lynn xo August 29, 2006
Crip term for a ghetto rich gangsta. The same as baller for the Bloods
Yo chek cuz out slangin that rock n dope he a high roller
by rifleboy262 April 09, 2008
a word play of the original highroller, one who drives while under the influence of illegal narcotics (i.e. marijuana)
when you see someone roll by with their seat laid back and surrounded by a columbian fog, you know they are a highroller.
by Monkey January 24, 2005
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