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5 definitions by Dazzle

Rich guy that has a nice car, nice clothes and buys everything he likes.
Yo that guy with that benz a high roller yeah.
by Dazzle August 05, 2003
388 176
Best Friend For Life or Best Friend 4 Life
Carter is BC's bf4l yeah look at them together thugging...
by Dazzle August 05, 2003
22 12
Mashin is a word used to descibe beating some one up very badly. Or also can be used as insultin someone very badly.
Example = Man I seen you at the club the other night straight mashin on that mutha.
Meaning: I saw you at the club the seriously beating someone up.
by Dazzle June 04, 2006
23 15
BaNaNotch is just anotha word for Bitch
Tell that BaNaNotch to get the hell out of my house.
by Dazzle October 27, 2006
0 0
female part of a butt
hey yo shake that tail feather
by Dazzle July 23, 2003
8 19