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a) To defend an argument in a way that is difficult to attack for moral reasons.
b) To take the moral high ground
c) To pretend to be better then a certain opinion for moral reasons in order to make your friend (who has claimed the other opinion) look like a total doucher
d) Using "The Flag" or "The Children" to win an argument in a blatantly ridiculous way
Example 1:

Them: "I hate these *&%#@$ school zones! The speed limit is 15mph and the kids are never here!"
You: "The school zones are for the safety of the children. How dare you think of yourself before the children."
Them: "Oh No! You used the children. Nice High Roading."

Example 2:
Them: "The extra security at airports is total lame sauce. If a terrorist is going to take a plane down they will find a way."
You: "We have the extra security for the protection of the American people and the children. I believe in our flag and in our country and that is why I believe in the extra security."
Them: "Nice high road move using the flag, jackass. You Suck!"
by Grymm Deth June 16, 2009

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