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Higgs is the leader, god, the best there is, was, and ever will be. People look up to Higgs for leadership, help, advice, and especially help with law enforcement activity ;).
Joe:"My life is one big episode of cops, thank god we hav Higgs to help us out all the time"
John:"Yeah Higgs is da' man fo sheezy"
by Higgs1 June 18, 2004
A crude, immature, goofy looking, and slightly (or fully retarded) redneck. Possibly suffered from fetal alchohol syndrome as an infant.
Tina: "Why did we hire Jethro? He's such a slow witted and gross hill-billy!"

Jason: "Yeah, he's a real higgs"
by Laser Dog September 08, 2008
–noun British Dialect.
a genuine, wysiwyg Yorkshire bloke but one who is slightly disassociated with reality.
"yeah, he's nice, but a bit of a Higg."
by Captain-Jeff November 01, 2007
The man on whom I have a crush. Incredibly intelligent with a great sense of humor. Also an Objectivist.
What example can there be?
by Arin, because I like that name April 10, 2005
used exclusively in the missy higgins fan forum. play on words meaning 'hug'
i love you!! *higgs*
by kerrysan May 03, 2005
"big nosed jew, who likes penis and dradels"
look at that higg hes so dumb
by den January 26, 2005