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My lovely gorgeous girlfriend. whom i do love.
eg. "god imi your so hot"
by den April 01, 2005
Redmonkey - Slur

(Noun) A person that is so fucking pathetic he/she makes references to no longer humorous, or a person who finds originally funny jokes and then promptly shoots them in the face and mutilates any former humor the joke had.
Thank you Redmonkey for completely killing that joke!
by den March 19, 2003
Lacking intelect;
Having lower intelect then STUPID;
Acceptional quality;
That n00b is so stoopid; Optima Online is STOOPID fast!
by den March 26, 2003
"big nosed jew, who likes penis and dradels"
look at that higg hes so dumb
by den January 26, 2005
To intoxicated to feel othewise.
im happy :-)
by den March 26, 2003
Having intelect; Not stupid;
I do well in skool, i am smart
by den March 26, 2003
Translated from Indonesian: Working together; Some one with brass balls but no brain; Doing something one would not consider wise, yet requering alota guts.
Marines busted into the enemy base gung-ho, guns blazing.
by den March 26, 2003
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