A deragatory slang word used by homosexuals to reference their heterosexual counterparts. It is used as a reference to individuals or to activities or things pertaining to heterosexuals.
1) You ditched me to go watch the NBA playoffs? You're such a f-ing het.

2) At first I thought Jeremy was a flaming faggot, but turns out he's a het like the lot of them.

3) What the hell are you reading Details for? You're gay, this magazine is for hets who cant seem to match their belt with their shoes!
by HetLover0531 May 13, 2009
The word Het can be used to mean Heterosexual, this is the opposite of Homosexual. Where many young people use the word gay as slang, to mean boring, uncool, or not fun, Het can be used to describe things that are cool, fun and entertaining. Het can be used to describe, music, cars, movies, jokes. Pretty much anything that is cool or funny.
That movie was Het
That car is Het
by Adam McLeod March 02, 2008
Being caught out with, or blamed, for something.
He's het for that eg the school tuck shop's down by 2000 mars bars, one person gets all the blame, "He's het for that one".
by Ronstar August 28, 2008
Adjective for something that is uncool or bad.
Oh my God! Paris Hilton is SO het!
by K. Phillips March 18, 2007
A Strong word of sarcasim.
(Note* Het cannot be put into a sentence, but must me done at a moment in time.)
by Mark Poletti July 30, 2005
A word meaning "heterosexual", used by people who are trying to seem clever or hip but succeeding at neither.
Oh my god, that het couple is totally staring at us. We're causing such a scandal, holding hands walking down the street.
by Branddobbe March 18, 2007

"Man Jimmy, your brother is so Het!"

by Pualus Corups March 29, 2008
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