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12 definitions by Stanky

n. -- the act of evading and avoiding something.
Krusty the clown has been convicted of tax avoision.
by Stanky August 04, 2006
72 18
cunt; the ultimate derogatory word used for women
He was so pissed at her that he dropped the c-bomb - the weapon of last resort. After that all negotiations were off the table and retailiation was inevitable.
by Stanky June 10, 2006
47 23
n. a lollipop inserted into a woman's vagina, then twirled around to ensure ample coating of vaginal drippings, and re-wrapped and offered to unsuspecting consumers.

tw from twat; ollipop from lollipop

tw- can be placed be fore any word to denote similar treatment. i.e twake, twice cream, twookies, etc...
at the end of the school year, after much queef pacticing, the girls offered twollipops to their professors, silently laughing at their own crude wit.
by Stanky August 17, 2006
31 14
the gaping orifice on the stupified face of a stoner, esp. as s/he is slowly drawing smoke into the chamber of a water pipe before releasing the carburetor.
Ron: mmmm...mmm .mmm...mmm!
Anchower: Quit yappin' your bonghole, or you'll blow your bongload.
by Stanky March 30, 2006
39 23
unlucky at love. One who is cursed to want things that are just out of reach.

One who is despondent over recent unrequited love and is feeling sorry for oneself.
"Unlucky at love? You must be lucky at cards!"
by Stanky February 01, 2008
12 0
The land from which you come.
When I saw you at the immigration office I wondered from whence you came. when you passed by, I knew your origin was Ustinkia.
by stanky April 26, 2007
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1. The biological term used for the species renowned for its ability to squeeze objects of all shapes and sizes into and out of its anal passage.

2. One who is extremenly anal-retentive.

3. The tightest orifice on the body.

4. The most potent and deadly of all the assholes.
Wow! I thought I could shot a ping-pong ball far until I saw sphinctosaurus rex.

I wish he would lighten up -- he is such a sphinctosaurus rex!

I tried to slip it in to his sphinctosaurus rex, but there was not enought santorum to make it happen.
by Stanky April 18, 2006
34 22