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stands for Hot Emo Tight Shaved girl
Damn! Seudo, have you seen that bunch of HETS!!!
by ZOMFBECKS August 11, 2009
Fanfiction slang that means "heterosexual." Refers to romance fanfics about heterosexuals.
"My favorite het coupling is HermionexHarry."
by Kathy October 03, 2003
A Heterosexual.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
1. Slang word meaning "heterosexual" or "straight person."

2. Gays' reverse usage of "gay" (the deragatory term) as a means of getting "even" with heterosexuals using the deragatory term. (see gay)
1. What are you, a gay or a het?

2. That movie was so het I had to leave the theater.
by oe98 April 15, 2009
1. A heterosexual
2. An adjective to describe something uneventful, boring, or bland
3. See vanilla
He just sits around and watches TV. That's so het.
by rdcupfan January 29, 2005
origin: A word used to describe a powerful smacking of a hockey ball with a hockey stick
1. HETS!!
2. What a HETS! son.
3. 'I put it through his legs, called the megs and then HETS! it!'
by Duttmunk May 24, 2011
A non-standard, personal, androgynous pronoun that can substitute for 'his' or 'hers'. See also e and het.
Who parked hets car right in front of my driveway?
by =Wirick January 07, 2005