A skeezy mother fucker, often of the drunk male variety. One who does things that are socially unacceptable and often gets rejected by the ladies.
Last night at that party Mikey was being such a herman.
by shakermoves June 30, 2010
1. (noun) A person that has "big hair"

2. (adjective) To relate another part of a persons body to a Herman (big hair)
1. Woah look at his hair, a definite Herman

2. Sorry, you have herman nose
by Raoul D 1 January 09, 2006
The definitional word you use to describe a human being you see, and cannot distinguish if they are of the male or female gender.
Person 1: Hey, is that a guy or a girl?
Person 2: I'm not sure, it looks like both
Person 1: Well, it's hard to tell with the hair, and those could just be man boobs
Person 2: Let's just call it a Herman, okay?
by dietcola July 10, 2009
insult, person wearing their hat loosely, limbless jewish grandma playing heavy metal in the rain wearing white t-shirts
You herman!

That guy is a herman.

Grandma stop being a herman!
by loce March 09, 2009
a woman with a loose pussy
Bobby: duuuuude...i fucked a herman...

Elmo: ew dude

Bobby: i was horny dude i wanted to fuck...

Elmo: ew dude

Bobby: put a shirt on dude ur ugly...
by doublechin August 17, 2007
Coming in at 1:30 and taking a half hour lunch.
Not doing work because can't do side to side or over head motions with arm.
What is he/she doing? Isn't he/she on the clock? Well, he/she is pulling a Herman.
by Dizzle Dana January 18, 2008
Nickname given to German nationals by American servicemen stationed there. It's an obvious play on their proper name.
"Sergeant Johnson got his ass kicked by a drunk Herman frau at the bar last night."
by 556fmj April 17, 2008

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