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n. the coolest person in the world. everyone wants to be this person.
Whoa look at that girl. she's like a kait!
by kait April 03, 2003
adj; a person with characteristics such as loving, kind, trust-worthiness, Hottie, fun, real, and honest.
Syn; 'one hell of a best friend' :)
" Wowah look at that sweet thang, shes a Court"
by Kait March 25, 2005
1. (n.) the unobtainable dream
2. (n.) a prestigious regatta held in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England starting in 1839 through present day
Dude we just won HENLEY!!!! HELL YEA!!!!!
by kait May 20, 2006
a really crappy job, usually at McDonald's that pays less than minimum wage and offers no way to move up
no high school diploma
your virginity
still lives with mom
boy: oh yeah, i heard miguel got a mcjob
girl: god, hes such a loser
by kait December 09, 2003
proper command a coxswain or coach to yell inorder for the rowers of the sport known as crew to stop rowing; commonly confused with weigh 'nuff however this is the PROPER TERM; originated for the fact that after the rowers stop rowing the boat will still run across the top of the water
Coxswain: "Bow pair, take a few strokes."
Coxswain: "Let it run."
by kait May 20, 2006
a person who plays boggle in a club
Britt is a boggler.

Travis isn't a boggler.
by Kait March 24, 2005
A person one would want to have caje with.
"Damn he's caje! I would def have sex with him and then forget he exists and not even feel bad about it!"
by kait October 04, 2004
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