Somebody who is extremely muscluar and incredibly strong! In more formal words,it is described as having a "Big Build." It is mostly men who are hench,but you will still get the odd women,girls and boys who can be described as hench. Some people are just naturally hench,but other people just take steroids,which will make them become hench,as it expands the muscles in their body. Most men who this just do it because they think it'll make them look cool,tough and attractive. This is usually vain,self-obsessed men who are really full of theirselves who do this,as they always seem to walk in a really vain way,with their fists screwed up at each side,and they walk in a way to show off how hench and muscular they are,strutting dead widely. Bouncers often have to be hench,so do MMA fighters. Another,smaller,less specific definition for hench,is somebody i'm attracted to!! hahaha yes i am proper attracted to hench,muscular men with HAY-UGE muscles and biceps,who are INSANELY strong!! They are soo fricking gorgeous!
Me: OMG look at him!! WOAH look at those muscles!! i WANNA FEEL THOSE MUSCLES SO BAD! Omg those biceps are the size of jupiter! *druelling* he is sooo good looking and hench! :')
by xxlittlemissprincessxx September 10, 2011
a very large, butch person. something that is beefy.
Kate: wow, dude! your hands are hench!
Emma: yeh, i know. too bad. you havn't even seen my feet yet.
Kate: wha?!
Emma: My toes are like fingers!
Kate: sorry dude.
by ninja turtle November 01, 2007
1. Good, pleasing
2. Well built, strong
1. "Did you see that film?"
"Yeh man, it was hench"

2. "Jasons hench, he'll batter all of us"
by Jason May 23, 2003


1. having, showing, or able to exert great bodily or muscular power. Often used to describe sick tech-step & hard-step drum and bass tracks.
Pete: The new Technical Itch is bare hench, blud.
Olly: Yeah man, epically hench. FACT!

Olly: Renegade Hardware is gonna be totally hench bruv
Pete: Time to get lean! Ya get me.
by Hencher Than Thou December 02, 2009
1. A derogatory term used to embarass and shame larger women.
2. A compliment to a fit-bodied male.
1. Woah, that girl is HENCH.
2. Oh my god, that guy is fit-hench.
by jadore May 29, 2005
A loser that does whatever you tell them to. Emphasis put on the word hench.
Read the definition hench!

Get me a beer Hench.
by Graham Bateson April 18, 2008
tight, cool,
that tops hench!
by Biggin hill - Pikey country. April 05, 2003

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