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The original Hemsworth was a radio and TV host who habitually bulllied, lied, threatned and obviscated in order to promote his own carrer and hide the truth of his previous actions.

Now a "Hemsworth" is an indervidual or group or inderviduals who habitually lie, decieve, manipulate and bully others in order to hide their own failings.
Commonly used to denote a knee jerk reaction to a differance of opinion, the hemsworth will attempt to threaten or forcefully persuade a retraction from his detractors. This can take the form of threats, verbal abuse, fake leagal letters, physical threats and in the worst cases actual assault.
Stay clear of him, he's a real Hemsworth.
Thats about as likely as a hemsworth telling the truth.
Stop acting like a hemsworth, people can see through your feeeble atempt to hide your guilt.
All I said was that I didn't agree with him, then he fucking Hemsworthed me!
by David Ryde November 04, 2009