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The emotion felt upon discovering that your arse is bleeding due to the butt-fucking you just got. Similar to road rage caused by someone cutting infront of you in traffic (See hunter).
Chris Shanahan hemeraged in his bedroom at 42 Ladybird St, Strathpine.
by Anonymous QGL goon. June 15, 2003

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hunter knercle knucle massive moose wedgie
asl hemerage?
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
Penis fingered OCAUer
Hemerage: "Would you please violate me"
by Fragga Boogaga August 11, 2003
when your brain is bleeding (usually fatal)
He died due to a hemerage.
by Riot June 15, 2003
something exceedingly gay
by Lith May 14, 2003
Fucking Cuntstool
I like to lick anal beads and sing songs about sack cheese because I'm Hemerage

See also: Homorage
by #ausgamers June 14, 2003
A Tard who is obsessed with the colour orange
Please dont bash me at qgl Heme
by Parag0n May 14, 2003