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the next step of human
what humans will be after further advancement in technology
Terrans in StarCraft are humans
by Riot November 10, 2003
a smash hit song, when that was the only song the artist
that one-hit wonder rocked, he should write other songs
by Riot September 28, 2003
When Ice fishing, You drill a hole in the ice and stick your penis into the water, a fish will think that it is bait and give you head.
I went ice fishing and obtained giant frozen head over the weekend.
by Riot June 18, 2006
when your brain is bleeding (usually fatal)
He died due to a hemerage.
by Riot June 15, 2003
The foul probably-bacteria-based product of sweat, rubber, and stagnant air. Found in your average high school wrestling room - the stench rotates - until it reaches you, festers inside your nose and lungs until you quickstep away complaining of the gank. A sickened facial expression normally accompanies the word.
Blehhh... what is that ... gank.
by Riot June 04, 2004

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