Shortened version of "Heeby Jeebies"
"Did you see that creepy guy outside the mall"

"Yeah... he gave me the heebs"
by AceAquafresca July 29, 2005
Top Definition
A (purposeful) mispelling of the Jewish slur 'hebe'. While before 'hebe' was an ethnic slur, 'heeb' is a word of pride regarding ones Jewish idenity. This transformation is due in large part to the emerging Jewish youth culture comming out of New York City.
The magazine Heeb: The New Jew Review, is aimed at young hip Jews.
by Norber March 08, 2004
A person using coupons and/ or bonus points on minor purchases.
Dowd asked me to use his Duane Reade card on a pack of gum. Hes such a heeb.
by exlax2002 April 22, 2009

1. To accomplishing something while spending as little money as possible.

2. To steal or take without asking.


Someone who steals or is cheap.
Person 1: Did Kenny get his transmission fixed?
Person 2: Yeah, he heebed it back together with some chicken wire, popsicle sticks and epoxy.

Person 1: Why are my vice grips in your toolbox? I've been looking for those forever!
Person 2: I heebed 'em.
Person 1: Fucking heeb.
Person 2: Yeah, I know.
by Jess Maloney December 02, 2004
dirty ass jews.
who are cheap
and complain

often have ugly noses. ugly ass hair
wear gap clothing

spoil the shit out of their daughters
seen driving volvos, subarus, etc,

eat nasty ass food
Man 1: david is soo cheap

Man2: yeah hes a heeb (jewish)

david; i heard that!!!!
by mikey113211 April 16, 2010
short for hebrew, and/or anything that is bad or unfortunate
"dude, you ate all my fritos you heeb, now im gonna jam a pipe into your scull and suck out your brains. then take a crap in your brain pan, while i rip out your liver with a rusty menorah, then, shit in sed liver. cut the liver in half, shove one half down your throat and shove the other half up your gaping cavern that is your bung hole."
by xndr August 10, 2006
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