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A geeb refers to a G-B or Gravity Bong used to smoke marijuana. Taking geebs is the most frugal way to smoke marijuana and is extremely effective, rendering a powerful high.
"You trying to take some geebs before the movie?"
by turdbird December 31, 2009
another name for a GRAVITY BONG. derives from the letters G and B coming together ala DJ Tanner being called 'Deej' on the show Full House. involves a plastic bottle (the bottom inch or two cut off) with a bowlpiece implanted in the bottle top, and a bucket of water. shit fucks you up son!!!
God, I took mad beer bongs and a few lines tonight, the only shit that got me straight was that geeb son!!
by teep July 24, 2006
A nickname for or in reference to the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Bill: What are doing this week, are you coming down to Mad Town?

Jake: Na, Im just gonna hang out in Geebs
by TSprang January 29, 2008
Geebs the full term of the word (gravity bong),it is a smoking device in which you have a half of a soda bottle and a the cap from the soda bottle with a metal peice in the middle of it so you can put your choice of THC,or potporie in need a bathtub or a koolaid picture fill up with water and light your THC or potporie pull the half soda bottle up and watch as it burns creats smoke then you inhale the choice of smoke.and you are high.:)
hey man,let me get a geebs.
by sean_chaos_Riot May 11, 2012
In addition to it's use as a name for the weed smoking device, Gravity Bong. "Geeb" is also a street name for the drug gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB).
You commin with me to Dan's house? We're gonna do the geeb.
by bawla200 July 17, 2015
Geebs, or Ganja Buckaneers (GB's = Geebs), are people who hover around people @ parties and other social gatherings to try and score free hits in a sesh.
"Eh, Bro, we gotta slide this session outside, or there are gonna be more Geebs than Founders and we're pooched."
by Jephrey June 01, 2006
A word used as a filler in a sentence when, do to lack of a second grade education, sobriety, or a loss for words in a conversation or general statement.
I see your mouth moving, but all I hear is a bunch of geeb. You should get that checked out.
by Jenaside February 08, 2013
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