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Rampant sex on a sofa with the man on top of the lady, who is curled up in a ball, on her back, her knees at her breasts, head pushed forward and rammed into the corner of said sofa.
Peter and Penelope hadn't met up in several weeks. As soon as gorgeous Penelope lay on the sofa Peter entered her and within minutes they were passionately hedgehogging.
by Big John Thomas September 16, 2010
When a girl's pubic hair is prickly, leaving her to look and feel like a hedgehog, either because:

1) She is sporting some growth after recently shaving,
2) She shaves with a number 2 clipper only.
Shit dude, that girl I picked up last night was seriously hedgehogging. I have a rash all over my junk...
by SgtHotdogs February 17, 2011
the feeling when you need to poo and you can feel the poo on the edge of your bum hole going in and out like a cute little hedgehog going in and out of a hole
ruth: be right back adam, i'm hedgehogging
adam: okay take your time!
by ruthy123 January 05, 2012
the art of running through back gardens jumping either over or through hedges, fences etc as a hedgehog would run through gardens normally done after drinking in early hours of the morning or late night
we had a ball last night hedgehogged Ladysmith Avenue last night i love hedgehogging
by fussyballbag April 05, 2011
When a man in his twenties or early thirties (usually college aged) dates high school girls.
Dude, Anthony is totally hedgehogging. And the best part is, she thinks they'll stay together when she goes off to college!
by Miguel2010 July 04, 2010
Interrupting conversations in an office environment by poking your head over the top of the cube.
Brian got laid off because the chief architect got tired of his hedgehogging meetings with the CTO.
by brian November 29, 2004
When you have to take a shit so bad, your shit starts poking out of your bunghole like a hedgehog peaking out of his hole
Dude, pull the car over already, I'm hedgehogging
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
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