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When a girl's pubic hair is prickly, leaving her to look and feel like a hedgehog, either because:

1) She is sporting some growth after recently shaving,
2) She shaves with a number 2 clipper only.
Shit dude, that girl I picked up last night was seriously hedgehogging. I have a rash all over my junk...
by SgtHotdogs February 17, 2011
A bike that was stolen and sold for well below it's original price by a crack cocaine addict so they can fund their drug habit.
Dude 1: Dude, I just bought this bike for $20 from that used bike store.

Dude 2: Yeah man, it's totally a crack bike. Apparently this hobo shows up everyday with a new one.
by SgtHotdogs March 30, 2011
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