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Used to describe someone who punches very hard. You will hear this allot in combat sports like kick boxing or MMA.

Side Note: The bones in your body lay down more and more calcium deposits the more trauma they are exposed to. This makes the bones more dense. The bone just gets stronger and stronger. People who punch for a living very well may actually have 'heavier' hands than a normal person.
Did you see how easily he knocked him out? He must have some heavy hands. I'd hate to have to fight him.
by NotAnUndercoverCop June 19, 2009
Similar to pimp smacking, only with more authoritah, and of course using the palm like God intended....
Mitch: Fuck pimp smacking that bitch, ima show her the heavy hand! *Followed by a heavy hand motion from the right into the left, causing a loud SMACKING sound, causing everyone around to wonder wtf is going on...*
by Viciousnemesis June 01, 2009
Adjective used to describe someone who punches very hard.
Also adjective used to describe someone who mastubates a penis way too hard.
Def. 1 "That nigga knocked Lee Roy da fuck out!" "Dam nigga dat fool gots some Heavy Hands!"

Def.2 " Dude my dick be bumpin!" "That Dikeeshi Hoes got some Heavy Hands"
by Dude Alert May 31, 2006
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