Contrary to mostly every-other definition of heavy metal here, it is a form of music, mainly instrumental; characterized by polyphonic, loud, skillful sounds. It is the most similar music in terms of composition to classical music. Also contrary to popular belief heavy metal is older than classic rock, and is still very much alive today
Guy 1: Hey I was in AP music today and we were discussing Vivaldi.
Guy 2: Cool, you know if you like Vivaldi you should check out Baroque Skins.
Guy 1: Sure what kind of band are they?
Guy 2: heavy Metal
by ReTARDIS August 23, 2012
Heavy metal is the real deal with metal, not that gawth garbage like slipknot, and marlyin shatsin. most heavy metal bands lyrics deal with governments, wars, medevil times, etc. bands like Motorhead, megadeath, judas priest, and Manowar. fans of the band metalicia formed the metal milta.
heavy metal is the definition of awesomeness
by hellknights December 23, 2010
The real origins of Heavy Metal emanated from the UK and Europe. Bands in the US and elsewhere influenced by them created the confluence of this genre which helped propel Heavy Metal as a world wide favorite type of music among fans.
Heavy Metal bands like Black Sabbath led to Iron Maiden led to Metallica and so on.
by devilgold March 03, 2010
A subgenre of Rock music, closely related to Hard Rock. It was developed during the 70's by bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin (although they stuck to their blues and folk roots, and weren't completely Heavy Metal), Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep - even some prog-rock bands experimented with heavier sounds, Heavy Metal sounds. It is said that the first Heavy Metal band was Black Sabbath - I can boldly say they were the first BRITISH Metal band, and Blue Cheer the first American Metal band.

The music is characterized for it's technical and heavy riffs, long songs, and solos played with virtuosity. Lyrics are very varied (contrary to what many people think, they don't all have "satanic" or evil lyrics, and hateful lyrics) - they range from love and sex, through war and nuclear holocaust to fantasy and dragons.

Heavy metal is one of the most misunderstood genres of music in our day. Rather unfortunately, this is often a result of brazen ignorance about the subject, brought about by certain sectors of the media, society, and listeners themselves.
Most notable bands are: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dio, Manowar, Stratovarius, Deep Purple, Dokken, Judas Priest

Great vocalists: Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford
by Gabriel December 13, 2004
Heavy Metal itself is a genre of music,influenced by blues and Classical music.It has by far the most sub genres of any form of music,the more well known being;Thrash Metal-Metallica,Anthrax,Megadeth Death Metal-Cannibal Corpse,Deicide,Cryptopsy Black Metal-Enslaved,Satryicon,Mayhem Mallcore-Slipknot,Coal Chamber,KoRn Deathcore-Whitechapel,Winds Of Plague,Salt The Wound
Metalcore-Killswitch Engage,God Forbid,Emmure
Some well deserving,yet underated bands include Amon Amarth(Melodic Death Metal)
Behemoth(Blackened Death Metal) Korpliklaani(Folk Metal)
There is more but I'm eating chips so I can't concentrate.
As for the crap descriptions of metal heads on here: We are normal people,we can't summon other-wordly rage to aid us in a fist fight,we fight just as good as we train to.
Some have shorter tempers,yes and that may be a product of the music,be we are normal.
Some may have few friends,but some have many,I have severeal,all metal heads as I am exclusive on whom I associate with.
The clothing is not a must-have to be metal,as some younger Metal heads may have parents who disapprove of the fashion.
Back to the music,Metal takes Passion,Commitment, and rage to play competently.So does Rap.Thats right,I said it.Rap And Metal are two opposing sides off music.One Mainstream and one Underground.They have the same Criteria to play.Rap has talent,it's just hard to see if you donb't have the ear for the music.There.I've had my say.
Heavy Metal.It said I had to.
by The Man known as Morgan March 03, 2009
None of you dissing metal here know shit about metal. You're thinking of Grindcore and/or Nu Metal, they both suck balls and should die. When you say Heavy Metal is killing rock 'n' roll, then your only right if you're thinking of Nu Metal, which is true; it is. But most of your rock 'n' roll is metal, believe it or not.Led Zeppelin(sometimes), Guns n' Roses, Metallica, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, AC/DC, etc, they're metal. When it comes to the whole satan thing, that's black metal, and that IS in fact, screaming, most of the time. "Bad" metal is not very common. The only metal that appears on shitty MTV is again, Nu Metal, thanks to NU metal and Nu Metal only is Rock 'N' Roll dying.
Look into Heavy Metal before you define it, and you wont be considered "Stupid".
P.S To the guy who dissed Slipknot, your absolutely right(Except for its headbanging not "shaking"),They're Shit Heavy Metal) They don't deserve to headbang, they suck big ol' Elephantitis infected balls.
by Zack423 October 28, 2006
Awesomeass music that destroys emo and pop and rap. what people listen to when thir pissed the fuck off and dont want hurt anybody. really insanly fast. the blast beat of behemoth in slaves shall serve goes 225 bpm. not shitknot not linkin gay not KoRn!!!!!!!!!!!
Poser-lets go listen to some slipknot!
Me-lets listen to some heavy metal!
poser-heavy what?
by schischa October 07, 2007

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