a style of music that is very misunderstood by many people, sort of like....almost everybody on this site
There are many different kinds of metal, not just the pussy make-up, high heels and shitty cheesy lyrics glam rock or hair metal or whatever you want to call it. Real heavy metal is like Metallica, Megadeth, no makeup, no hairspray, just bandmembers kicking ass. Bands who create this kind of metal are extrememly talented. Metallica has sweet complex guitar riffs and solos that can be very fast, or very nice and melodic and also some of the best lyrics around, out of just about every genre. Don't stereo type metal as bullshit Def Lepard or Motley Crue
Just avoid Rap all together, i don't even want to start on that crap
by Dobes June 07, 2005
Garbage music faggot emos and braindead idiots who don't know what a haircut is listen to. Anyone who listens to this garbage is usually a failure at life.
Heavy Metal is the biggest piece of shit ever created on this planet. Get a haircut and a life you stupid fucks who listen to this shit.
by YouListenToGarbage November 11, 2012
The most outstanding music with all proper skills which are needed to be a true musician, beside blues and jazz.
Black Sabbath created heavy metal,and Metallica perfected it.The lyrics are basically based on stories varied from political issue,drug abuse even until lifetime regrets.
The best music genre ever heard.
Metallica is the fucking god of heavy metal.
by abgbotak September 11, 2005
The one genre of music that people can really get up and enjoy. Said to be started by Black Sabbath but some may argue Iron Maiden was the first.

Some sub genres include: Glam Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal ect ect.

Around the late 80s and early 90s Thrash metal basically took over the glam metal phase with bands like Panterra and Metallica.

But hey... at least they were good!

When crappy hip hop music and pop music started becoming popular is the 2000s everyone turned into a big queer.

Now metal is dead and as a result kids are afraid of teachers, smoking, cops and the overall society.
Boy #1: Hey man, listen to this new lady gaga song!

Boy #2: I think Ill go smoke weed and listen to some heavy metal bands like KISS or Poison...

Boy #1: Weed is bad for you! And who the heck are poison and KISS?

Boy #2: -jumps off building-
by Pop and Rap is gay January 30, 2010
Heavy metal is a louder, way better version of rock and roll, created mainly by Black Sabbath and later revolutionized by Metallica and other bands from that era. Today, the best metal bands are 5 man bands consisting of 2 guitars, 1 bass, vocals and drums(such as Lamb of God and Devil Driver). The 2 guitars play the main tune, while the bass guitar plays a deeper, underlying tune that compliments the guitar and also the drummer's beats. Guitar in heavy metal goes from one end of the scale to the other, and good metal riffs are complex, awesome sounding and difficult to play. Therefore, metal guitarists are some of the most skilled guitarists. Drummers play fast, energizing beats usually incorperating a double bass. Metal drummers are also very skilled and adept at using double bass kickers. Vocals are usually not sung because heavy metal is loud, and you have to scream to make yourself heard over the music(also, screaming fits with the powerful and energetic sound of heavy metal - singing just doesn't sound right sometimes). So before you stereotype heavy metal into evil and satanic music, at least take a moment to appreciate the awesome music that is HEAVY METAL!!! \m/ 0_0 \m/

Awesome metal bands include Lamb of God(Burn the Priest), Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, DevilDriver, As I Lay Dying, BloodShotEye, Chimaira, In Flames and Trivium.
Guy 1: You going to the Unholy Alliance Tour?
Guy 2: FUCK YEAH, Heavy Metal kicks ASS!!
Guy 1: Yeh, and fuck those emo bitches who won't go!
Guy 2: YAAHHHH!!! \m/
by Emoisforfags May 08, 2006
an awesome style of music far better than rock and rock & roll with amazing bands like metallica slayer anthrax and so on, very much like hard rock but with more ass-kicking solos
hahaha, this music is better than the shit some of these complainers listen to
by headbangin'2005 June 06, 2005
Metal bitch!

Demon hunter
Lamb of God
Stone Sour
Heavy metal rules all. Rap sucks.
by m0p t0p April 12, 2007

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