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Heavy metal is a louder, way better version of rock and roll, created mainly by Black Sabbath and later revolutionized by Metallica and other bands from that era. Today, the best metal bands are 5 man bands consisting of 2 guitars, 1 bass, vocals and drums(such as Lamb of God and Devil Driver). The 2 guitars play the main tune, while the bass guitar plays a deeper, underlying tune that compliments the guitar and also the drummer's beats. Guitar in heavy metal goes from one end of the scale to the other, and good metal riffs are complex, awesome sounding and difficult to play. Therefore, metal guitarists are some of the most skilled guitarists. Drummers play fast, energizing beats usually incorperating a double bass. Metal drummers are also very skilled and adept at using double bass kickers. Vocals are usually not sung because heavy metal is loud, and you have to scream to make yourself heard over the music(also, screaming fits with the powerful and energetic sound of heavy metal - singing just doesn't sound right sometimes). So before you stereotype heavy metal into evil and satanic music, at least take a moment to appreciate the awesome music that is HEAVY METAL!!! \m/ 0_0 \m/

Awesome metal bands include Lamb of God(Burn the Priest), Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, DevilDriver, As I Lay Dying, BloodShotEye, Chimaira, In Flames and Trivium.
Guy 1: You going to the Unholy Alliance Tour?
Guy 2: FUCK YEAH, Heavy Metal kicks ASS!!
Guy 1: Yeh, and fuck those emo bitches who won't go!
Guy 2: YAAHHHH!!! \m/
by Emoisforfags May 08, 2006
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