v. To have violent anal intercourse with someone.
Dude... that chick just got heath ledgered

from - his scene in Brokeback Mountain...
by AxisOfOil March 30, 2006
To overdose on pills. Or to be fucking one of the Olsen twins most likely Mary Kate! To have an accident-Kind of.
I told Dennis to lay off the pills before he pulled a Heath Ledger!

I told you sir, I never meant to shit on your porch it was a Heath Ledger.
by DC Chapman January 30, 2008
For one man to fuck another man in the ass. Usually performed by cowboys upon one another.
Person 1: "Dude, I was walking through the park the other day, and I seen this fag in the bushes Heath Ledgering this other guy right in the Gyllenhole"
Person 2: "That's some sick-ass shit right there, man."
Person 1: "Yeah, it was brokeback mountian all over again."

Person 1: "After seeing Brokeback Mountain, I just can't watch Donnie Darko anymore. I keep thinking Frank the Bunny is going to take off his mask and turn out the be Heath Ledger - then he will proceed to bend over Donni and Heath ledger him in the Gyllenhole..."
Person 2: "Dude, that sucks...another perfectly good movie ruined by a bunch of assfucking cowboys..."
Person 1: "I know, it's sad - isn't it?"
by Thatkevinguy January 25, 2008
28 Year actor who died 1/22/07, once i heard this me and my friend made up some Heath Ledger Jokes, please enjoy
Friend: Dude work is such a drag, i wish i was dead, like Heath Ledger.

Me: It sucks getting old
Friend: You know is isnt getting old? Heath Ledger cause hes dead

Me: Dude the stock market is horrible right now
Friend: Yeah but you know who doesnt care about the stock market? Heath Ledger cause hes dead

Me: John Edwards is getting my vote for president
Friend: That's cool, but guess who wont be voting for Edwards? Heath Ledger cause hes dead

Friend: God this class is so boring
Me: I know i bet you wish you were dead, like Heath Ledger, so go take off your cloths, get in bed and take some sleeping pills, then you can be like Heath Ledger
by Punkrock Mike January 23, 2008
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