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Getting fucked up to the point of passing out or dying naked on:

1. Ambien
2. Vicodin
3. Whiskey

Or a combination of all three. Roots are Australian and Heath Ledger.
Man it was a tough week, I'm getting Heathed tonight.
by The Adam January 25, 2008
Being mind fucked so bad you become practically impregnated in ur brain. Aka Harris style
The extended mind fuck, jessy got heathed so bad on the wondertour.
by Spinktle April 12, 2011
To heath is to always break things unintentionally.
I tried to repair my bike but now it is Heathed.
by thehof December 09, 2011
Getting caught treating your dick as an amusement park with your motivation being your mother.
" Hey Dude, last night I got heathed by my girlfriend right when I was gonna blow my spunk".
by Phat Boys April 01, 2004

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